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Small Personal and Emergency Loans

EO's mission-oriented microlending initiative empowers individuals, families, and communities to accumulate assets, acquire knowledge, and enhance creditworthiness. By offering modest personal loans up to $1,500 and small business loans up to $50,000, our program aims to provide support to those facing precarious circumstances. Whether you're struggling with rent payments, coping with unexpected medical bills, dealing with a vehicle breakdown, or experiencing a financial emergency, reach out to us for assistance. These adaptable credit-builder loans not only address immediate needs but also contribute to the improvement of credit scores, as EO reports lending activities to the three major credit bureaus. Timely repayment of loans positively influences credit reports.

According to United Way, roughly 11% of Idahoans are living below the federal poverty line. An additional 32% are still unable to balance a basic household budget. Many individuals and families in emergency situations often resort to payday lending sources with exorbitant interest rates averaging 500%, leading to a cycle of unsustainable debt. If you find yourself in need of a small personal loan, please contact us first!

Small Business Loans and SBA Intermediary Loans


For individuals seeking a small business loan, startup capital, or emergency funding, EO might have a solution! If traditional bank loans are not an option for you, EO provides alternative financing options tailored for startups and entrepreneurs. Should your business require a modest loan to navigate challenging times, reach out to us. EO extends microloans for businesses, with amounts available up to $50,000.

Since 2002, EO has collaborated successfully with over a thousand individuals, facilitating the launch of numerous local businesses that, in turn, have generated hundreds of jobs. This collective effort contributes significantly to fostering self-sufficiency and fostering local economic growth. It's a chain reaction of success by all indicators.

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"The average payday loan borrower is in debt for five months of the year, spending an average of $520 in fees to repeatedly borrow $375."

PEW, pewtrusts.org, Jan 14, 2016

What is EO Microlending?

EO is a non-profit micro-lending organization dedicated to empowering individuals and families across diverse backgrounds. Our focus is on serving community members who may not meet the criteria for loans from conventional banks. Whether it's assisting in launching a new business, repairing credit, or rebuilding lives, we take pride in supporting those traditionally overlooked by mainstream financial institutions.

EO has made a significant impact, particularly among underserved groups such as women, immigrants, refugees, Latinos, Native Americans, and veterans, helping them attain financial success in both personal and small business endeavors. By providing the necessary support, individuals with genuine skills and a grasp of personal financial practices are empowered to pursue their goals, ranging from family stability to entrepreneurial dreams.

Jannus EO is committed to helping people achieve success and live the lives they aspire to. Our tailored financial support enables participants to take essential steps in securing capital and effectively managing it. Since 2012, businesses supported by EO have generated over $12.5 million in revenue, contributing to the growth of our local economy.

For more details on the terms and conditions of our lending opportunities, to refer participants, or discuss fundraising and financial support, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to connect with you.