EO Business Development

Economic Opportunity by Jannus (EO) supports entrepreneurs by offering resources and support needed to launch and grow local businesses.

At EO we believe business ownership is the core of a thriving local living economy and we support our clients’ pathway to business ownership. From commercial driver to restaurant owner, farmer to fashion designer, business ownership is a proven way for people from all walks of life to build income, independence, and financial security. This has a positive effect on you, your family, and your community.

We believe in helping you build your small business through education, business financing, small business loans, and community resources.

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 Starting a Business 

EO offers business development support to help people from all walks of life increase household income and improve financial security through self- employment.

Our approach begins with a one-on-one discussion about your business ideas and long-term financial goals. We provide a culturally sensitive environment free of business jargon and judgement as we work to help you build a plan toward success, including free group classes, individual coaching sessions, and online learning resources. EO helps get clients on the right education track so they can quickly gauge the potential success of their business venture, determine their readiness to start, and expand or get financing for their business.

Financing a Startup or Small Business

EO strongly believes in helping people realize the importance of credit in all its microenterprise technical assistance and training.

EO’s services include microloans, emergency personal loans, credit education, business development, and childcare business development. Programs are designed to help people use entrepreneurship to increase financial mobility.

EO offers business microloans of $1,000 – $35,000 and Small Business Administration (SBA) intermediary loans up to $35,000.

To find out more about personal loans, small business loans, or business expansion loans, take a look at our loans page or contact us!

Small Business Administration

Our Professional Staff and Language Support

Our staff have years of experience and come with a diverse background of experience in coaching, education, strategy, and business development. There are multiple languages spoken between us, and we also work with local interpreters. Get to know us HERE.

To refer clients, become a professional services partner or discuss fundraising and financial support please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.