EO Child Care Business Development

Childcare business development empowers women to become self-sufficient and thrive while providing a much-needed service in the Boise area: affordable, nurturing, multi-cultural childcare for all ages. These licensed childcare providers are dedicated mothers who love what they do and are devoted to the children they care for.

Child Care Business Development

Jannus EO helps individuals to establish licensed home-based childcare businesses by working alongside them to navigate the business and legal requirements. With EO, home care providers will complete the early childhood development curriculum, health/safety training, business development coursework, and licensing with the city. EO staff continues working with all its entrepreneurs for months, and even years, after a business has been established to ensure positive business outcomes and economic growth.

Why Become a Home Care Provider with EO?

Working with EO is straightforward and easy, and our services come at no charge. Entrepreneurs only bear costs associated with initiating the business, such as background checks, licenses, equipment, etc. The advantages of establishing your own home care business (particularly with EO) include:

- Reduced startup and ongoing expenses compared to owning a facility.

- Ability to operate from the convenience of your own home.

- Customize working hours to suit your schedule and accommodate the needs of the parents you serve.

- Leverage EO personnel assistance in navigating various requirements.

- Utilize translators for language support when needed.

- Access complimentary business education covering:

- Business planning

- Budgeting

- Tax compliance

- Digital proficiency

Who is Eligible?

- Permanent residency in Ada or Canyon County

- Must have refugee state and been living in the U.S. for less than 5 years

- Access to transportation

- A commitment of five hours per week is required for training and home preparation during the initial 60 days

- Must be physically and mentally capable of providing childcare

- Access to a digital device for attending classes and utilizing online licensing sites

- A valid driver's license is a mandatory requirement

- Basic digital skills are necessary, with a willingness to advance (PC loans and digital training can be provided by EO)

- Availability of space for at least 4 childcare slots is required

- Willingness to collaborate with EO Project Assistant is expected

- Background checks are mandatory for all individuals ages 13 and above residing in the home care establishment

- If residing in an apartment, it must be on the first floor

- Must be able to afford startup costs, averaging $700. If startup funding is not immediately available, an EO coach can assist in navigating fees to align with your budget

- Applicants must be 18 years of age or older