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Credit scores matter. A good score gives you the potential to take advantage of low-interest loans, credit cards, insurance premiums, or more easily rent a home. Low scores can make it difficult to access services that help increase capital. EO can help you understand your credit score and what it means to your buying-power through a free and quick assessment, and if you have room to improve, our Financial Health coaches will create an easy-to-follow plan to help build credit up.

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Child Care Business
Development (CCBD)

Home-based child cares are a proven way for individuals to become economically self-sufficient. Benefits to the entrepreneur include a higher wage than many preschool or day care teachers, smaller class sizes, autonomy, and having more time with family. Navigating the systems and licensing requirements can be challenging, especially if English is not the providers first language. We have over 12 years of experience helping family child care providers build a profitable home business.

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Business Development
and Loans

Business ownership is a proven way for people to build wealth, independence, and financial security. EO supports micro-business owners through one-on-one coaching, structured classes, and low interest loans up to $50,000. EO works to ensure they have a business plan, and a basic understanding of how to operate their business for financial success.

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Empowering underserved Idahoans to realize economic mobility

Jannus Economic Opportunity (EO) is a trusted nonprofit community resource that helps people from all walks of life access the knowledge, financial skills, and other vital resources they need to prosper and create lasting socioeconomic change.