A Small loan Can Make a Big Difference.

Emergency Loans - John smiling
2020 was a hard year for a lot of people, including John. After losing his partner, John was barely able to cover his monthly expenses. He had no one to lean on with the exception of his dog, who provided consummate love and support. Then, John’s dog fell ill very suddenly. In a desperate attempt to keep his companion alive and well, John took out a series of payday loans to cover the costs of vet bills. His dog passed away in spite of his efforts and John was left with untenable debt that grew, despite John making monthly payments. That is when John came to EO, seeking help. John received a small loan from EO which helped him get out from under the burden of predatory debt and gain financial stability.
EO is honored to be able to serve people when they are in most need. Thank you, John, for letting us share your story of strength.
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