How We Help

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EO Microlending

Mission-driven lending options to help individuals, families, and communities realize financial health and resiliency. Find out more about Microlending

EO Childcare Business Development

CCBD helps people open in-home childcare businesses that provide affordable and safe care for children. Find out more about Childcare Business Development

EO Business Development

Business support services to improve financial security through self-employment. Find out more about Business Development

EO Credit Building

Credit education, one-on-one coaching, and credit builder tools to lay the foundation for financial resiliency. Find out more about Credit Building

How We Can Help

The work we do at Jannus EO brings hope to people and prosperity to communities. And the way we connect people to resources is unique and methodical. By considering the multiple “domains of self-sufficiencyopens PDF file ” that demonstrate success for our clients, we do more than simply help. We introduce them to resources that educate and empower them. We foster meaningful bonds between these individuals and resources within their community. We change lives by creating a cocoon of support that enables men, women, and families to emerge as their best selves.
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Building Community

Having Ali as part of our community means that we have a valuable asset – a “net gain to our brain trust.” Even more importantly, his love for others is what he has gifted his children and wife, what he gifts his clients, and what he gifts to his coworkers and his community.

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Hope for the future

For Sundis, working with EO has given her "hope for the future." She credits EO's training and support with helping to boost her confidence. Because of the success of her business, she feels that she now has the freedom to live the life she wants with her children.