The Road Ahead

Gisma Hassan smiling
Gisma arrived in the United States with her three children only a year ago. She faced many challenges to start her new life here as a single mother with no family support in the US. Within a year of arriving in the U.S she was working full time. However Gisma did not know how to drive and did not own a car. She was depending on a friend to drive her to work or to the store for groceries. Gisma quickly recognized the need to learn to drive and for her own reliable means to commute to work and provide for her family.
When Gisma heard about the Economic Opportunity program from a friend, she did not hesitate to call. Our Twin Falls EO team member, Asmaa Albukaie, helped Gisma apply for a personal loan to pay for driving lessons. Gisma also attended the EO credit education class. Today Gisma has her driving license, has better knowledge of the US credit system, and is on the path to financial security. Congratulations Gisma, The road ahead is wide open.
EO is grateful to have the partnership, collaboration and generous support of our partners at Chobani and Idaho Community Foundation to strengthen our community. To learn more about EO’s mission-driven microlending program click here.