Dana Bye

Childcare Business Development

Dana plays a key role in EO’s Childcare Business Development by supporting clients in their journey to become licensed Home Childcare Providers. She works closely with each client, guiding them through the necessary processes and offering assistance as they navigate the steps required for licensure. She also collaborates with other members of the EO team to provide business and financial classes and participate in outreach activities. Additionally, she is responsible for developing and implementing project assessment tools that will enhance the program’s overall effectiveness. Dana holds a BS in Education (PK-8). She taught school for a number of years in New Jersey before coming back to her native state of Idaho and opening two childcare centers in Boise which she owned for 6 years.


In her downtime, Dana enjoys a number of hobbies including scrapbooking and papercrafting and has had a number of projects published in magazines and books. She has also read tarot cards for over 30 years and enjoys reading for herself as well as family and friends. She has two grown children who are productive members of society and she is very proud of both of them!