Cameo Willett


Cameo (they/them/theirs) fulfills the role of Credit Analyst at Economic Opportunity (EO) with a deep commitment to upholding the mission statement and values of the organization. With over four years of experience at Citigroup Inc., in various roles and responsibilities related to consumer retail lending services for Citi, Cameo has actively engaged with clients, diligently addressing their needs with exceptional care and consideration. In addition to their professional endeavors, Cameo has dedicated the past two years of their free time to work in the Ada County/Treasure Valley community, collaborating with organizations focused on bringing positive change to Idahoan communities. Their passion for this cause remains steadfast, and they are excited to leverage their extensive experiences, both in work and in life, to contribute to Team EO’s efforts in supporting the underserved needs of individuals residing in Idaho.


Living their life unapologetically as a neurodivergent queer, Cameo’s vibrant presence is unforgettable wherever they go. During their free time, they indulge in a myriad of activities, including night hikes with friends to witness the full moon, indulging in pinball games at the Golden Couch museum in Boise, enjoying books by the Boise river during the summer, providing support to the community whenever possible, discovering new and delightful restaurants to recommend to others, and spreading joy through laughter.