A life-changing loan

Emergency Loans - Susan smiling

Nearing 80 years old, Susan found herself falling into a financial hole. After a predatory mortgage tore through Susan’s finances, she found herself experiencing homelessness for the first time in her life. Her only income was her social security, and she did not have a safety net. Unable to find a place to move into due to credit problems, Susan turned to staying in hotels.

Susan lived in various hotels for nearly half a year, before she started having financial problems again. She was 3 days out from being evicted from the hotel and on the streets with her two companion dogs in the middle of the pandemic. EO worked with Susan to connect her with several resources to help her overall situation. Susan was able to get immediate help and within weeks, she was able to move in to permanent housing with her two companion dogs.

Susan says that she does not know where she would be without EO’s help, but the loan and the relationships that she made changed her life forever.

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