Kelly Gibbons

Education Project Manager

Kelly will focus on our Education Program and build efficiencies between our Financial Health & Business Development pillars. With her breadth of experience in strategic planning and oversight, Kelly will be instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. She is a mission-driven individual who fully embraces EO’s mission to empower underserved Idahoans to realize economic mobility.

Kelly is a trusted project manager with exceptional leadership acumen. She can stay grounded when necessary and elevate her performance when circumstances dictate the need for positive momentum and direction. Her projects and performance are always focused and intentional, thanks to her organizational vision. Moreover, as a consummate people connector, Kelly understands the value of teamwork, having been both a collegiate player and coach.

Outside the office, Kelly enjoys writing, golfing, watching sporting events, gardening, creating family memories with her children, and exploring nature with her two huskies.