Sundus Tawfeeq – Babylon Market

Babylon Market sign

Family is important to Sundus Tawfeeq. Her love for her family, which includes four children, is evident in the cheerful environment of her store, Babylon Market. A visit to Babylon Market reveals a clean, colorful and welcoming atmosphere filled with bright colors and exotic foods and products from the Middle East.

But for Sundus, Babylon Market is more than just a way to make money for herself. It is a way to build a better future for her children. Her older kids help out when they can and Sundus loves the open family environment she has working with them.

Sundus came to the US from Iraq in 2009. EO’s business training and microloans gave her the tools she needed to transfer her strong business and people skills to ownership of an American store.

Sundus says that working with EO has given her “hope for the future.” She says that “Without EO we wouldn’t be open.” With the success of her store, Sundus feels that she can now do what she always dreamed of.