Meet Zainab

woman holding infant

Zainab arrived in Boise with her four children in 2013. She received resettlement assistance from Agency for New Americans (ANA) by which she secured a housekeeping job at Red Lion hotel. There she was awarded most valuable employee for her dependability and dedication.

Having been a nurse in Somalia and believing strongly in both education and entrepreneurship, Zainab enrolled in EO’s Refugee Childcare Business Development Project. During the last several years Zainab has flourished while working 6 days a week, sometimes for up to 20 hours a day. She unwaveringly delivers loving care in her childcare business, as evidenced by the fact parents will drive great distances to ensure their children have a chance to be with her. With her childcare earnings, Zainab was able to purchase a brand new home in 2017 for her and her children, two of which now attend classes at BSU.

Zainab eagerly hopes and waits for her husband’s arrival, which was put on hold indefinitely due to immigration restrictions for people that are natives of Somalia. In the meantime, Zainab plans on realizing the American dream, hoping that one day her family will be united to live it together. Recently Zainab passed her citizenship test, which means she is one step closer to living her, and so many people’s dream.