Meet Stella and Rosie

Stella and Rosie sitting together

Together they helped raise thousands of dollars for the ELC.

Language acquisition is vital to building community, maintaining employment, and feeling included in a new country. However, when adult refugees arrive in Boise, they only have a few months, at most, to learn English before they are employed full time or more—which leaves little time for language classes. Even then, the options for off-hours language classes can be scarce. That’s why EO Starling project mentee Stella sprung into action spearheading a fundraiser for the English Language Center, a fellow Jannus program that hosts adult English language classes 5 days a week for refugees from around the world. With the help of her mentor Rosie and peers from BSU, the gala raised thousands of dollars to support the work of the ELC- and they’re doing it again next year. Keep your eyes open for the J’Adore Afrique Gala.