Meet Scholastique from Democratic Republic of Congo

Scholastique holding two infants

Scholastique enrolled in EO’s Childcare Business Development Project because she loves kids and wanted to help support her family. She now runs a successful, licensed, in-home child care. She is proud to be a U.S. citizen and a business owner. “I am busy all the time taking care of two babies and four other young children,” she says. “I never get bored and I love being able to stay at home.”
With the help of Jannus Economic Opportunity (EO), the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and others in the Boise community, Scholastique says she has been able to accomplish many of her goals. “We have worked hard to save for and buy a house, and to support our children so they can go to college,” she says. Currently, Scholastique is able to pay her entire mortgage with her childcare business income. Her husband’s job covers their household bills. She hopes that her business income will eventually support all their children to go to college. 
Because her childcare business allows her to stay at home, Scholastique is able to better care for her own children. She and her husband have seven. Their two oldest are in college and living independently in Boise. Five live at home, with the youngest at age eight and the oldest at 19. “We love our house and have worked hard to become self-sufficient here,” she says. “We are very appreciative of the help we have received from EO and others. EO has done so much to help make me and my family comfortable in our new community.”
Scholastique hopes she can take English classes again soon. She says she is shy by nature, but loves her friends. She also likes living in Boise. “I love the nice people and beautiful mountains here,” she says.