Meet Jaafar Jaafar from Iraq

Jafaar Jafaar

Jaafar’s store, Al Ahmed Market, is a family business. Not only are important business matters discussed with the entire family, his store is the continuation of a dream started by his father. His dad had a similar business in Iraq, and Jaafar is continuing this tradition in the United States. His store is located at 4324 W. Overland Road in Boise. 

A family man, Jaafar is married with three children, ages nine, five and three. “We are five strong but united as one,” he says. His children are in school and are bilingual. “I teach them the Quran and the Arabic language,” he says. “I remind them about our family in Iraq and encourage them to not lose the Arab culture and values.” 

As a businessman, Jaafar says he is very curious and precise, and likes to choose and verify the products he buys. “My clients know me and trust me,” he says. “I have tried to differentiate my store from others in Boise. I have found products I can offer that others do not have.”

When asked what he likes about Boise, Jaafar says he appreciates that it is safe and quiet. “I love that Boise is a place where all people are equal despite their differences,” he says. Looking toward the future, Jaafar is saving to buy a home and hopes to someday send his kids to college. He and his family are also looking into opening a store in another state to expand their business.

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