Meet Christine

Christine with two children

Meet Christine from Democratic Republic of Congo

For hardworking Christine, family has always been her first priority. She loves running an in-home child care business out of her home because it enables her to meet her family’s needs. She says her family has health problems and other personal challenges, but they always make time to help each other. “I hope I can do this for the rest of my life,” she says. “Because then I will be able to take care of my family, too.”

Christine and her husband have four children — three adult kids and one three-year-old. One of her sons is in college and she also has a young granddaughter. For her childcare business, she watches children throughout different shifts during the day, including nighttime. “For me, this business is the best!” she says. “I feel happy when I can care for these children in my own home.”

Thanks to her business and other jobs she had before this one, Christine has been able to purchase a home since arriving in Boise. In the future, she would like to start a group childcare facility and buy a van for transporting more children. Christine says that Economic Opportunity (EO) helped teach her and her husband about running a business, building credit and understanding complicated technical details. EO also taught them about down-payment assistance that could help them buy a home.

“The EO program, Refugee Childcare Business Development (RCBD) and Jannus – may they continue forever to help people become stronger,” Christine says. “They support many people and have helped me and my family so much.”

To learn more about EO and the Refugee Childcare Business Development project visit  opens in a new windowthe RCBD home page.