Multi-Cultural Home-Based Childcare Boise

Childcare business development empowers refugee women to become self-sufficient and thrive while providing a much needed service in the Boise area - affordable, nurturing, multi-cultural child care for all ages. These licensed childcare providers are dedicated mothers who love what they do and are devoted to the children they care for.

Looking for Affordable, Licensed Childcare in Boise?

Refugee childcare programs offer many advantages to parents looking for quality, home-based care. In-home childcare provides non-traditional hours and children receive the benefit of personal attention in a multi-cultural environment. 

Home-Based Childcare: Nurturing, safe, secure

EO’s Refugee home-based Childcares serve infants and children anywhere from newborns to age 12 in a small group family–like settings. All locations throughout the Boise area are unique in whom they serve and hours of operation, including nontraditional evening and weekend hours. Transportation is often available too.

Refugee Childcare Business Development

Jannus EO helps refugee women complete early childhood development curriculum, health/safety training, business development coursework and licensing with the City of Boise.

Refugee Childcare Business Development Stories

EO Refugee Childcare Business Development

Economic Opportunity by Jannus (EO) offers childcare business development support that empowers refugees, primarily women, to become economically self-sufficient by establishing in-home childcares – a much needed service that provides culturally sensitive, affordable, safe, licensed care for children.

EO's Refugee Childcare Business Development (RCBD) program uses a holistic approach providing support across the 17 domains of self-sufficiency designed to meet the varied and unique needs of recent arrivals to America. Over months and even years we develop deeply meaningful and impactful relationships with our clients to help them become independent and successful and build sustainable businesses in the process.

RCBD has helped launch over 100 local childcares—each contributing to greater self-sufficiency, independence and positive impact on the local economy, generating over $11 million in revenue and creating more than 2000 affordable, licensed childcare slots. It’s a ripple effect of success by every measure.

To refer clients, become a professional services partner or discuss fundraising and financial support please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.