Getting a fresh start in Idaho

Solange Mathias hugs a child

Meet Solange

Solange has an inspiring story. Years ago, Solange lost her whole family during the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Despite being a young girl, small in size, she learned how to survive on her own through perseverance and her own personal strength. Over time, Solange made her way to the Gem State from DRC via Uganda and Ethiopia. “Life is better for me here,” Solange says. “I was mostly alone before I came to Boise. I like living in Idaho and I am thankful to have a new life here.”

Today Solange lives with her husband and their two small children — one boy and one girl — whom they adore. “Because of Jannus Economic Opportunity (EO), I can work and take care of my children,” she says. Solange started a childcare business five years ago through EO’s Refugee Childcare Business Development project. While Solange has taken classes to become a knowledgeable professional, she has a natural aptitude for nurturing young children – an attribute that cannot be taught and one that every parent wants for their child from a childcare provider. “I’ve always loved working with kids,” she says. “They are full of life and so fun to be around.”

In the future, Solange would like to continue growing her childcare business and eventually buy a larger home as her family gets bigger. “I look forward to the future,” she says. “I have already been so blessed.”