Meet Stella and Rosie

Stella and Rosie sitting together

Together they helped raise thousands of dollars for the ELC. Language acquisition is vital to building community, maintaining employment, and feeling included in a new country. However, when adult refugees arrive in Boise, they only have a few months, at most, to learn English before they are employed full time or more—which leaves little time for language classes. Even then, Read More »

Redfish Lake Adventures

four women on horseback in the woods

A group of mentees from the EO Starling Project had the opportunity to explore Redfish Lake and the Sawtooth Recreational Area. Four fun-filled days kayaking, paddle boating, horseback riding, hiking and preparing delicious meals together. It was everyone’s first time horseback riding or visiting Stanley, Idaho, and nearly everyone’s first time out on a lake! Huge thank-you to the Redfish Lake Lodge staff, Read More »

Meet Sarah, she aspires to be a pediatrician


Sarah, a mentee with EO’s Starling project, aspires to be a pediatrician. So she was thrilled when Starling mentor Dr. K helped set Sarah up with a tour of the new Treasure Valley Anatomy and Physiology Lab at ISU in Meridian. Sarah tested out the virtual lab and experienced some of the latest state-of-the-art technologies in the medical training field Read More »