A Small loan Can Make a Big Difference.

Emergency Loans - John smiling

2020 was a hard year for a lot of people, including John. After losing his partner, John was barely able to cover his monthly expenses. He had no one to lean on with the exception of his dog, who provided consummate love and support. Then, John’s dog fell ill very suddenly. In a desperate attempt to keep his companion alive Read More »

The Road Ahead

Gisma Hassan smiling

Gisma arrived in the United States with her three children only a year ago. She faced many challenges to start her new life here as a single mother with no family support in the US. Within a year of arriving in the U.S she was working full time. However Gisma did not know how to drive and did not own Read More »

Small Loan Helps Create Opportunity

Emergency Loans - Jacob grinning

Applicants for emergency EO loan funds, like Jacob, often come to us in a state of rebuilding. After completing a period of incarceration, Jacob worked full-time at a fast food restaurant until he was injured. The injury forced him to take a leave of absence. Jacob had a place to live at a halfway house, however the loss of income Read More »

A life-changing loan

Emergency Loans - Susan smiling

Nearing 80 years old, Susan found herself falling into a financial hole. After a predatory mortgage tore through Susan’s finances, she found herself experiencing homelessness for the first time in her life. Her only income was her social security, and she did not have a safety net. Unable to find a place to move into due to credit problems, Susan Read More »

Getting a fresh start in Idaho

Solange Mathias hugs a child

Meet Solange Solange has an inspiring story. Years ago, Solange lost her whole family during the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Despite being a young girl, small in size, she learned how to survive on her own through perseverance and her own personal strength. Over time, Solange made her way to the Gem State from DRC via Read More »

Amiri Osman – A Life Filled With Art

Headshot of artist Amiri Osman displaying painting

On the canvas of life, each experience paints a different stroke. No one knows this better than Amiri Osman from Democratic of Congo (DRC). He’s a talented artist who came to Boise in 2016 and has been adding to the city’s arts and culture scene ever since. Amiri was just 12 when his parents passed away. He found a refuge Read More »

Meet John Nahimana from Burundi

Headshot of John Nahimana

Since he was a teenager, John has always known he was good at cutting hair. He got his start helping his brother trim hair at a salon in Malawi when he was very young. Now, 17 years later, John is achieving his dream of opening his own full-service salon here in America. Called He & She Salon, John’s shop is Read More »

The Ingredients to Start a New Life and Restaurant

Photo Salam Bunyan of Tarbush Kitchen

Meet Salam Bunyan from Baghdad Salam Bunyan is an expert chef. He grew up in Iraq experimenting with different flavors and combining ingredients. He lived and worked around food in Iraq — including serving as a chef at a five-star restaurant in Baghdad — until 2006, when war forced him to leave his native country. In the early ‘90s, Salam Read More »

Hana is Fulfilling Her Dream

Hana in front of Food Land Market

Hana grew up in Baghdad, where food, groceries, and bakeries were always a family affair for her. Both her grandmother and mother owned stores there, and she and her brothers have fond memories of helping and playing in those stores when they were small children in Iraq. Today Hana is fulfilling her dream of having her own store. She recently Read More »