Annonciatha Mukagasawa – Annonci’s Child Care

Headshot of Annonciatha Mukagasawa

Annonci’s Child Care is filled with active, inquisitive kids. Annonciatha Mukagasawa has worked hard to build a friendly, comfortable place for the children in her care.

Annonciatha arrived in the US from Uganda with her husband and 5 children in late 2012 and enrolled in EO’s RCBD project about a year later. She was interested in home childcare because she loves kids and likes working to help her family. RCBD was able to help her in acquiring quality toys for her childcare, along with helping her learn English and arranging for an interpreter when she needs one.

Owning a child care has brought about big changes in Annonciatha’s family. Since opening her childcare, she’s been able to buy a car, purchase chairs and many other things her family needs, and also a home.